Who are we?

Our cooperatives

Argan Cooperative

The Cooperative of Local Products was established in 2017 and offers 100% organic and natural products based on argan oil: edible argan oil, cosmetic argan oil, almond amlou, pure honey, zemita, barley couscous, hydrosols, …

Agricultural Cooperative

The Agri-Mogador Cooperative for Sustainable Agriculture specializes in promoting local products and producing high-quality natural products.

Eco-tourism and Crafts Cooperative

The Eco-tourism and Crafts Cooperative was established in 2023, with 9 individuals dedicated to promoting local products and village craftsmanship for cosmetics and home.


GUELGAN Boujemaa

He is the founder of the Tawhid Association for the Environment and Sustainable Development. He has developed unique expertise in agroecology, promoting environmentally friendly agricultural techniques. He has played a key role in the development of agroecology in Marrakech, training farmers, providing equipment, and promoting local products. Thanks to his efforts, agroecology has become a viable alternative to conventional agriculture in the region. Guelghan, a success story in agroecology, remains a passionate advocate for its potential in creating a more sustainable future.


He is the founder of the Al Bisher Association dedicated to development and the environment. Initiating his beekeeping journey at the age of 15 under the guidance of his father, Aglagan perfected traditional techniques in the Moroccan Sahara, specializing in beekeeping in desert conditions. A fervent advocate for bees, Aglagan believes in profitable and sustainable beekeeping that benefits the environment. Aglagan embodies success in sustainable beekeeping and remains a staunch advocate for the vital role of bees in nature.

YAACOUBI Abdelaziz
Agro Homeopathy

He dedicated his life to agriculture and education. As an engineer and agronomy professor, he taught for over 40 years in the Casablanca region. Alongside Cathy Mayer, he delves into this discipline, attending the international congress in Brazil in 2013. Supported by the Association for the Promotion of Homeopathic Medicine, Abdelaziz has been training farmers in France and Morocco, combining his expertise in homeopathy with a profound knowledge of plant pathologies.


A trained stylist, Julie Defudes has been living and working in Casablanca since 2007. She has always been passionate about the rarity and delicacy of handmade work, transmission, and contemporary creation. Her work intersects with the cultural and social and revolves around three major axes: Preservation of artisanal know-how, intergenerational transmission, and innovation. Julie supports Moroccan artisans in their skill development, particularly in design-related matters and the acquisition of creative skills.


For 10 years, she held leadership positions within Moroccan associations working in the areas of child protection, education, and the employability of young NEETs. As an independent consultant since 2015, she has contributed to various missions with international organizations, public institutions, and civil society organizations. She has also coordinated projects led by NGOs in Morocco and Algeria, focusing on combating gender-based violence and the socioeconomic empowerment of women.


A technical expert and independent consultant, he has over 10 years of experience in managing development projects with a social focus on professional integration for women and youth. Starting as a professional integration officer for young people, he quickly advanced to positions of project manager and then operations manager. His main missions included supporting young people and women in professional integration and self-employment, as well as project management and oversight.

The reasons for the existence of our cooperatives