We are implementing several experiments within our organization.


For enthusiasts of traditional Moroccan cuisine, the chefs at the Solar Village Restaurant offer training for anyone interested in learning traditional Moroccan cooking. We invite you to join us and learn how to prepare your meal before enjoying it.

Homestay accommodation

For those seeking to live in peace, tranquility, and psychological comfort, and to stay up late under the stars, the residents of Sun Village welcome guests by offering a simple place to stay.

Sightseeing tours

If you wish to have a human and cultural experience, we invite you to discover the monuments, culture, and ancient traditions of the region, with the warm welcome and generosity of its inhabitants.


If you wish to experience life in a rural setting, then you are in the right place. The Solar Village offers you the opportunity to live a new and simplified experience, whether in the Argan workshop, traditional handicraft workshop, sustainable agriculture, the oil distillation workshop, or the cooking workshop. You can also discover and visit the last sugar refinery in the world. We look forward to sharing this experience with you.